Meditation Therapy/Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra:

Tratak yoga Nidra will alert your mind awareness.
 It will reduce your cholesterol and Blood pressure level.
It is an effective technique which helps you to relax consciously. It came from tratric scriptures. Experience of Yoga Nidra. It will affect the whole body system and transcend the behaviour of external mind. It will stimulates various centres in the mind we experience the natural feeling.


Mediation is the state of mind which gives you complete and deep rest to your body. It enhance the concentration level of mind.
While performing mediation your mind should free from tension. Duration of mediation depends upon the convenience of the person. Normal duration will starts from 10 minutes ends up to 30 minutes.

We can do the mediation by chanting of mantras or by hearing mantras. It will provide good results and tend to get concentration.

Benefits of Meditation

  • It helps in controlling our emotions, inner discords and physical tension.
  • It increases inner peace and confidence level.
  • You can find quiet space for yourself. Control of mind will tend to reduce anxiety, fear and anger.
  • Build self-confidence to face any kind of tough satiations.
  • It makes mind relax and keep you away from bad habits.
  • It will refresh your mind.
  • It will improve the memory power of children and help them for their studies.
  • It controls metabolic rate by slowing of breath.
  • After mediation you will feel lightness, freshness in your body.

Benefits of yoga Nidra

  • This practice is a sleep with a trace of awareness.
  • It is a state between wakefulness and sleep.
  • It is a root of creativity.
  • It will reduce the stress level and also effective adjunct in management of psychosomatic disorders.
  • If you practice the yoga nidra then the nature of your mind can be changed, any diseases can be cured.
  • It is used to recall the memory function. It is also smoothens learning ability as it work on the growth of both hemisphere.







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The word Tratak is a derived Sanskrit word which means intense focusing, concentration, whereas holistic means overall , is actually an approach to life , this ancient approach to health consider the person as a whole rather than focusing on illness or specific part of body. Thus, here in Tratak we focus on the development of whole person which emphasizes the natural balance of mind, body and spirit.

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