Tratak Yoga Kriya

It is a technique used to rinse the mind. We are very concerned about cleaning body clean but neglect internal cleaning. Yoga Kriya techniques helps us to maintain the cleanness of mind.

Yoga Kriya also called as SHATKRIYA

Jal Neti:

Jal Neti used to clean nasal. It will reduce the irritation. In this technique you have to use neti pot with warm water and the spout of the pot is inserted into one nostril.
We have to adjust head to allow water flow out of the nostril.

Vamana Dhauti

We do the practice of vomiting the water, starting from the mouth to the digestive path.

Suthra Neti

It is a technique we use cord. We take soft thread and insert this through the nose. Measurement should be length of your one hand then it comes out of the mouth.







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The word Tratak is a derived Sanskrit word which means intense focusing, concentration, whereas holistic means overall , is actually an approach to life , this ancient approach to health consider the person as a whole rather than focusing on illness or specific part of body. Thus, here in Tratak we focus on the development of whole person which emphasizes the natural balance of mind, body and spirit.

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