1. Yoga is a continuous process. Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousands of years, it consists of ancient theories, observations and principles about the mind and body connection which is now proven by modern medicine. Substantial research has been conducted to look at the Health Benefits of Yoga- from the yoga postures (Asana), Yoga Breathing (Pranayama), and Meditation. 
  2. Yoga practice helps develop the body and mind bringing a lot of health benefits yet is not a substitute for medicine.
  3. It is important to learn and practice yoga posture under a supervision of a trained Yoga teacher/ Counselor.
  4. In case of any medical condition, practice yoga postures after consulting a doctor and Yoga Counselor.
  5. Any adult person desirous of availing Yoga therapy should register himself/herself with the Tratak Holistic Clinic as a student of yoga with his personal ID and address proof and bring their parents for registration and the parents should sign the consent from on behalf of minors.
  6. The student of Yoga registered with Tratak Holistic Clinic should take some precautions while practicing yoga. This is important so that he/she gets good results and are able to avoid negative aspects of yoga.
  7. It is incumbent upon the registered student to practice yoga under the strict guidance of trained yoga teacher/ Counselor. Such registered student should obey all the necessary instructions given to him/her in this behalf by the yoga teacher/ Counselor while practicing Yoga.
  8. While taking different postures in Yoga, he or she should always keep in mind of his or her bodily limitations. Any stretching beyond permissible limits may do harm than good and this must be followed without fail.
  9. Any discomfort/ pain/ strain/ experienced while practicing yoga should immediately be brought to the notice of the concerned yoga teacher/ counselor without any delay for taking remedial action. If it is not reported accordingly, then Tratak Holistic Clinic and concerned yoga teacher/ Counselor is neither responsible nor liable for any consequences that might manifest subsequently.
  10. The registered Yoga is not expected to practice yoga himself without acquiring reasonable skill in various postures under the proper guidance of concerned Yoga teacher / counselor. He/ she is not expected to impart training and giving similar advice to any other Tratak students / outsiders on yoga skills acquired by him from Tratak Clinic and Tratak Clinic is not responsible / liable in any way for any harmful consequences that might ensue owing to such unauthorized acts. The registered Yoga student is taught yoga practice singly and cannot bring any other person either to observe participate in yoga session.


  1. A registered student with Tratak must pay on registration, the necessary charges for each/ period session, as the case may be, an amount fixed for it by cash only.
  2. If for any reasons, the student is not able to attend his or her yoga session for any reason or cancels the session for any reason, is nevertheless liable for payment of changes and no carry forward of such fee /charges or session to next period is permissible nor is entitled to claim any refund for such unattended session/s.
  3. The fee / charges paid for per session / month/ period, as the case may be. Unattended sessions, if any, would lapse and he/ she cannot opt for an extra class in session/ month/period.


Tratak Holistic Clinic declares that while care and precautions are being taken in imparting yoga classes, Tratak does not accept any responsibility nor is liable for any untoward incident that might take place outside Tratak premises affecting the yoga students.







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The word Tratak is a derived Sanskrit word which means intense focusing, concentration, whereas holistic means overall , is actually an approach to life , this ancient approach to health consider the person as a whole rather than focusing on illness or specific part of body. Thus, here in Tratak we focus on the development of whole person which emphasizes the natural balance of mind, body and spirit.

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